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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
-Leonardo da Vinci

Graphic Design

Branding is usually the first and last thing someone sees of an organization or individual's professional identity. It really can become a make or break moment. A logo starts the story and the brand continues that narrative and theme for the future. What story does your brand tell?
Joshua Weintraub Design Overview. Primary logo is on the top. Below there is a business card mockup, an example of pages from the branding guide, and a mockup of the original website design.A GeoHIVE logo is the primary image. Below it, there is an ad for Maxar's top workplace, a Challenge coin celebrating 5 years of winning, and a mockup of a data report.Olympia Meat Packers overview. Primary OMP logo is on top. Below are examples of business card mockups, alternative logos, and a paper bag mockup with the logo and contact information on the front.Baseline Tennis Overview. Primary logo is on the top. below is a mockup of the website, an ad example, and a few icons made for the website.Orlan Group overview. Primary logo is at the top with Icon logo, business card mockup, and alternative logos below.Quarterlife brewing overview wit the Quarterlife logo. Below it there is a mockup of a beer glass with the logo, a map of Chicago brewery research, and the Hefeweizen logo.Cyan-Up main logo is the largest image with the sign-up screen, iPhone mockup, and the payment screen below it.Stylized Star of David, Beth Emet's logo. Below it are images of a large banner, a vinyl album and a social media post for Hanukkah.Logo of Une Annee Brewing company (a 1in in a circle) and smaller images including a can of beer in a pile of hibiscus, a couple cans of beer and a glass on a bar, and an image of the front of the building with wooden Christmas decorations in front.
Brands already existed for Beth Emet, Une Annee, and Maxar. Work done for these companies was created while under contract or during employment. Joshua Weintraub does not own rights to these brands, only that work done on this page depicts designs and creations done on their behalf.

Other Logos

University of Iowa Ceramic Society logo. The logo has a kiln in the design.Andi Hemauer Logo in Purple and GreenBeard and Pond logoHey Tampa Bay logo with the Sunshine Skyway bridge as the audio "lines" recording from the microphone.Monogram with the letters H, T, and A. The whole thing looks like a pineapple. The T grows into the leaves of the pineapple.Mabry Elemetary School logo. consists of a dolphin and palm tress. (The school is in Tampa, Florida).GeoSky logo, green and blue with strong geometric influence. the logo looks like the sun rising above the horizon.Parkhurst Outdoor lighting logo. This is in the style of an old castle crest.SeaDog Creations logo. Created for client who was in the navy and doing woodworking as a hobby.Inward Capital logo. Inward has leaves coming out of the I at the beginning and the D at the end.ABCS logo in RedAaron and Heather Tirrell Cocktails logoAustin Sandwich Festival logo looks like a large stacked sandwich.Emily Carpenter Ceramics. Logo looks like a coffee cup. The "C" comes first becoming the handle for the "E" which is the body of the mug.Aurora University Science Organization logo

UI/UX Design


West Loop Foodie Mockup

Mockup of the Joshua Weintraub Design Website on Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone

Ticket Caller

Ticket Caller Traffic citation management software mockup.

Cells Mobile OS

TechHand (Mockups)

Graphic Design – Other Projects

Flights Brewery

Full page ad for "Flights" beer with 4 different beer names and the logo on the front.

2D3D Design Magazine Front Cover

2D3D Design Magazine front Cover

2016 Calendar Design

2016 Half Circle Calendar design.

Fine Arts

Black and White photo of the Chase bank building on Clark and Madison in Chicago.
Oil painting of Cloudgate in Chicago
Sling-Shot Teapot


Hi, I’m Josh. I'm a multi-disciplinary visual designer with a proven track record that spans over a decade. I have experience in B2B and B2C production and marketing design. I have created in the technology and financial fields as well as food services and real estate.  I specialize in branding, marketing, and production; but have experience in social media and UI/UX design as well. My primary style is minimalism but I am able to express other varieties as well. My programs of choice are the Adobe Creative Suite, Sketchup, and keynote. I always seek new skills and styles for myself and my clients to create the cleanest, most visually compelling, and well-communicated creations as possible.

Experience Breakdown

Experience Breakdown Pie Chart
Photo of Josh Weintraub

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